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Hello! Welcome on our page of licensed tourist guide Warsaw. We have done different things in life, we have worked in different places, we are also very different, but we were connected by a passion for our city. We decided to combine our forces, our different temperaments, the female and male elements, and this is how the Magia Warszawy (the Magic of Warsaw) was created. Tourist guide Warsaw is a good choice if you are interested in history and art. As you probably know, the city was demolished during IIWW. Some interesting artefacts are hidden in the city jungle and you need a guide to discover it!
What's our history? At first, we only conducted all activities on Facebook. Over time, we added a channel on YouTube and Instagram. Finally, it's time for our website. Obviously all this is interspersed with common walks around more or less known alleys of Warsaw, visiting museums and showing tourists around. We both love it, and we know this is it. The history of Warsaw is extraordinary, it is a city with many faces. Let us show it to you, join our events, come with us and let yourself be enchanted by Warsaw. We encourage you to convince yourself and to use our services!

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Kościół Sióstr Wizytek | Magia Warszawy
Licensed Warsaw Tourist Guide
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Licensed Tourist Guide in the Royal Castle
przewodnik po warszawie
Licensed Wilanow Palace Guide
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Licensed Lazienki Royal Park Guide
Jozef_Pilsudski | Magia Warszawy
Jozef Pilsudski Museum Licensed Guide
Tadeusz_Zawadzki_-_Zośka | przewodnik kamienie na szaniec
Independent Museums Licensed Guide
Old Cementeries
Warsaw Tourist Guide | Jewish Warsaw
Jewish Ghetto Tourist Guide

Tourist guide Warsaw - why us?

We have completed the PTTK Warsaw tourist guide course. In addition to knowledge about Warsaw and sincere passion, we have the ability to tell about Warsaw. We know how to tell stories in an interesting way and without being bored. We are not a museum moth type, we live here and now. Our professionnal experience is extensive including the in an international environment. That's why we know what can be interesting for intenational tourists. We give tours around Warsaw and its vicinity. Why? Because we simply love it. Please contact us, you will find that sightseeing can be pure pleasure!


I am a Varsovian, associated with this city for generations. My professional experience includes many years in pharmaceutical corporations. History has always been my passion. I love animals. I conduct tours in Polish and English. I will show you Warsaw through my eyes!


I have worked in many large companies. History has always interested me. Only when I was fifty I decided to focus on my passion. Because of the faxct I worked abroad, I give tours in Polish, English and Russian. Let me be your tourist guide Warsaw!

Why us?

The Warsaw guide is a person with passion. We are such people. Our belief is there is no other city with so difficult, but at the same time wonderful and fascinating history, like Warsaw. The work of a Warsaw guide is particularly interesting: we show and tell stories, often drawing our guests’ attention to small ones, sometimes even lost among glass skyscrapers, artifacts. We like people and we like storytelling. That is why it is so important to visit Warsaw with a guide, because it helps to understand get to know and “read” the city

We have worked in large international companies for over 20 years. We know how important punctuality is, keeping your word, sending offers and any other documents on time. It is also important aspect of the guide service.
Necessary experience. We have already guided many groups, not only from Poland. Guiding foreigners requires a different approach, the story is also different. A good guide must understand all these nuances.

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